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MAY 24, 2022

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It's time to put a public defender on the Jefferson County Circuit Court.

I have dedicated my career to representing people in criminal court who cannot afford an attorney, because we cannot keep doing the same things again and again and expect different results. Our criminal courts are too important to let them continue in the way they've been for the past forty years. 

The War on Drugs is a failure and a national disgrace. And our prison system is in crisis. The courts are incredibly important, and professional diversity is needed on the bench. It's time to do something different.

Did you know?

If Alabama were its own country, we would have the highest incarceration rate of any nation in the world.

Did you know?

Our legislature committed $400 million dollars of COVID relief money last year to build new prisons. That money wasn't spent on healthcare, or education, or jobs training, or roads and bridges. It didn't even go to funding re-entry programs that prevent recidivism. That money -- your COVID relief money -- was spent on nothing but new cages.

I'm Paul Rand,

I'm a Democrat and I live in Southside with my wife and daughter. I care about safety for my family, just like

everyone does. Public defenders are not soft on crime -- we're hard on injustice.  

Why does this race matter?

What I'm offering is an opportunity to do something with your vote right here, in our community, where it

counts. We don't need to wait on Congress to pass criminal justice reforms. I have dedicated my career

to representing people who cannot afford an attorney, because we cannot keep doing the same things

again and again and expect different results. 

Professional diversity is needed on the court.

It's time to do something different. We don't need to rely on the legislature in Montgomery to bail us out.

You can go to the polls on May 24 and cast your vote to make a difference right here, right now. 

Read here from Cara McClure, founder of Faith and Works, about the importance of putting a public defender on the circuit court:

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Watch Actor Sam Waterston's endorsement of Paul Rand for Circuit Court Judge Place 16:


See why leaders and organizations are supporting Paul Rand's campaign.

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"I know Paul Rand well. He is an outstanding lawyer with integrity who is committed to justice. He will be an excellent circuit judge. I support him."

-Hon. Donald Siegelman, Governor of Alabama, 1999-2003

Mayor Arrington.png

"I'm asking you to join me on May 24 in voting for Paul Rand for Circuit Judge, Place 16. Paul Rand has devoted his life to working as a public defender. I think he would make a great judge. He would dispense justice with mercy. I also believe that it's very important that we get biracial cooperation in achieving the goals we are fighting for. Paul is that kind of a man."

-Mayor Richard Arrington, Jr.

Sam Waterston.png

"Paul Rand will be an excellent judge. Criminal justice is incredibly important, and not just on television. There has never been a more important time in history to have the right people on the bench, and Paul Rand is a good man. I stand with Rand for justice."

-Actor Sam Waterston

Don Blankenship.png

"I'm supporting my dear friend Paul Rand for Circuit Judge, Place 16. Paul has dedicated his entire career to helping people who could not help themselves. Paul will make a fine addition to the bench. Let's put a public defender on the circuit court bench."

-Circuit Judge Don Blankenship

Kira Fonteneau.png

“I knew when I met Paul that he would be an excellent advocate for his clients.  Paul is a hardworking, fair,

even-tempered lawyer who has a passion for criminal justice.  He would make an excellent Circuit Judge, and I fully support his campaign.”

-Kira Fonteneau, First Public Defender of Jefferson County,

  President of the ACLU-Alabama

Petro 2.png

"As a Circuit Judge I had the honor of working with Paul Rand. I could always count on Paul to be honest, respectful and represent his client to the best of his ability. Paul would serve this community well as a circuit judge.  He would be honest, trustworthy and respectful of the system.  I give him my full support."

-Circuit Judge Laura Petro (retired)

Lilly Ledbetter.png

“I endorse Paul Rand. It is time to out a public defender on the circuit bench because everyone who cares about equal justice cares deeply about our courts.”

-Lilly Ledbetter, Civil Rights Activist and namesake of President Obama's first piece of legislation,

the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

SPLC Action.png

“The criminal legal system in Alabama is riddled with racial inequities from arrests, to overincarceration to a broken system of fees and fines that too often prevent successful reentry. Given the enormity of these challenges, it is essential we have judges who are centered in the community and put fairness before all else. We are proud to endorse these judicial candidates who have represented people at every step of the process.”

Southern Poverty Law Center Action Fund

Also endorsed by:

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Jefferson County
Democratic Council

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